School of Paper and Plant Resources Engineering

The School of Paper and Plant Resources Engineering is one of the most distinctive and advantageous schools in the school. The development history of the specialty of the college (also the school)-pulp and paper engineering specialty is used as a clue to track the development trajectory of the college: the predecessor of the college can be traced back to the pulp and paper engineering specialty created by Jinan Industrial School in 1958; After the name was renamed Shandong Institute of Light Industry, the second department was established and later changed its name to Light Chemical Engineering Department. In 1990, it was renamed as the Department of Chemical Engineering. In 1997, the major of pulp and paper engineering and corresponding teaching and research rooms and laboratories were separated from the Department of Chemical Engineering. The Department of Papermaking and Leather Engineering was established and changed its name to the Department of Light and Light Engineering in the same year. In 2001, it was renamed the College of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering. In 2014, it was founded on the basis of Light Industry Engineering (Pulping and Paper Engineering) and Forest Chemical Engineering. School of Paper and Plant Resources Engineering, Department of Light Industry.
    The College currently has 2 departments (pulp and paper engineering, forestry chemicals), 1 analysis and testing center, and 5 research institutes (bioresource chemistry and technology, papermaking chemicals, processed paper and functional paper, pulp and paper and biomass refining Green chemistry technology, plant resources engineering and wood fiber based functional materials). It has 2 undergraduate majors in lightening engineering (pulp and paper engineering direction) and forestry chemicals. 2 master's degree programs in light industry technology and engineering, forestry engineering, pulp and paper engineering, papermaking biotechnology, and forest chemical processing engineering; 3 light industry technology and engineering, forestry engineering 2 A master's degree in the awarding of a first-level discipline engineering; students can apply for a master's degree in the same academic strength. Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Pulp and Paper Engineering Key Subject of Shandong Province, Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Technology of Shandong Province, Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering of Shandong Province, Pulp and Paper of China Light Industry Key Laboratory of Printing and Packaging, Clean Production of Pulp and Paper, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Coated Paper Engineering Technology Center, Shandong Newsprint Engineering Technology Center, Shandong Province Collaborative Innovation Center of “Light Industry Bio-based Product Clean Production and Refining” And other provincial and ministerial key platforms. At present, as the main unit, it is participating in the construction of the National Key Laboratory (Building) jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture under the “Bio-based Materials and Functional Products”.
   The college has more than 800 undergraduates and graduate students. Specially-occupied and part-time teaching and administrative staff of more than 50 people, among whom more than 80% have associate senior professional titles and doctoral degree teachers; Taishan scholars are specially invited professors, new century talents national engineering talents, national and Shandong young people with outstanding contributions Experts, staff enjoying special allowances from the State Council and the Shandong Provincial Government, teachers from Shandong Province, outstanding teachers from Shandong Province, and other high-level talents with certain influence and popularity at home and abroad; well-known universities and domestic and foreign well-known enterprises in the United States, Canada, and China. Many experts serve as visiting professors in the college. With teaching and research laboratories of more than 5,000 square meters; with equipment worth more than 40 million yuan, of which the unit price of more than 100,000 yuan large, precious, precision instruments and equipment more than 70 sets (sets). It has established double-degree training relationships with foreign universities such as the University of Auberge in Finland, the Finnish Academy of Racing Technology, and the Institute of Applied Technology in Tampere, Finland. For decades, dozens of students have gone to Finnish universities for dual degree or postgraduate studies.
   In the decades of education and scientific research practice, the college has gradually cultivated, refined and clarified the orientation and characteristics of running schools that are suitable for themselves, beneficial to the society, and conforming to development: the application-oriented, multi-type comprehensive development; the college-owned pulp and paper The discipline of engineering ranks first in the province and ranks first in the country; the specialty of forestry chemical industry (subject) is the only setting in the province, and is ranked first in the country; the task of personnel training, scientific research, and social service is fully completed. The college’s light engineering major is provincial and national specialty specialty; there are provincial and national quality courses; 1 provincial teaching team; more than ten provincial teaching and research projects and teaching achievements; More than ten outstanding bachelor's degree theses and papers, and more than 10 university student science and technology competitions such as the Challenge Cup. Obtained nearly ten provincial master's thesis and other outstanding master's thesis. In recent years, he has undertaken nearly 100 research projects at the national, provincial, and ministerial level, and has worked more than 100 projects with enterprises; won 3 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress; and 1 second prize for national technical inventions, and won the first prize for the Ministry of Education's science and technology awards. There are 3 items in the second and second prizes, more than 10 scientific and technological awards in Shandong Province, 2 scientific and technological awards in the China Light Industry Federation, 3 papers published in the three major indexes, and nearly a thousand papers; and nearly 100 national invention patents.