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Pulp and Paper Engineering

Director: Han Jinmei; Deputy Director: Li Ronggang; Assistant: Wu Qin, Wang Qiang

Forest Chemical Industry

Director: Xue Jingwen

Analysis and Test Center

Director: Zhang Huayong

Institute of Bioresource Chemistry and Technology

Director: Xu Qinghua

Paper Chemicals Research Institute

Director: Wang Huili

Process Paper and Functional Paper Institute

Director: Wu Chaojun

Pulp and Paper and Biomass Refining Green Chemistry Technology

Director: Wang Qiang

Plant Resource Engineering and Lignocellulosic Functional Materials

Director: Chen Honglei

College General Office

General Secretary: Chen Yunling

College Experimental Teaching Center

Director: Han Wenjia

Community staff

Director: Kong Fangong (Executive Dean)

Deputy Director: Ding Hongjie (Vice Dean)

Members: Li Zongquan (Party Secretary of the School of Paper and Plant Resources Engineering); Han Jinmei (Department of Pulp and Paper Engineering); Xue Jingwen (Department of Forest Chemicals); and Han Wenjia (Director of Experimental Teaching Center of Paper and Plant Resource Engineering College).