Postgraduate dissertation defense



Essay topic


Gao Hailong

Study on Chitosan/Hemicellulose Composite Packaging Materials and Adsorption Materials

Professor Liu Na

Zhuang Jingshun

Extraction and Modification of Lignin in Poplar Hydrolysate

Professor Wang Zhaojiang

Zhu Luting

Study on Composite of Nano-cellulose and Metal-organic Framework

Professor Wang Zhaojiang

Answering time: May 28, 2018, 9:00-12:00
Answering place: No. 2 teaching building A320
The defense board consists of:
Chairman: Professor Zhao Jian (Shandong University)
Members: Professor Fu Yingjuan, Professor Liu Wenxia, Professor Xu Qinghua, Professor Liu Na, Professor Wang Zhaojiang
Secretary: Wang Huili, Associate Professor
(Writing: Wang Zhaojiang; Auditing: Ding Hongjie)