2017/2018 second semester graduate teaching mid-term teaching inspection work plan


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2017/2018 second semester graduate teaching mid-term teaching inspection work plan

According to the Notice of Doing a Good Job in the Post-graduate Curriculum Mid-term Teaching Review of the Graduate Office of the Graduate School, in conjunction with the college's recent teaching practice, the college decided to focus on teaching during the graduate teaching period from the 12th to the 13th week (Some contents may be delayed to the 14th week. ), the specific arrangements are as follows.
First, set up inspection team
Leader: Kong Fangong
Deputy leader: Ding Hongjie
Members: Li Ronggang, Wu Qin, Wang Qiang, Han Wenjia
Secretary: Qi Letian
Second, check the project and requirements
The subject of this inspection: Norms and Order.
1, teaching order and teaching operation check. Through the teaching on-site inspection, inquiries and other methods to understand the postgraduate curriculum and other forms of teaching order, progress, implementation of norms and so on.
2, carry out various forms of lectures (examination) activities. Please complete the lectures in the 12th-13th week; the graduate tutors and instructors attend at least 1 lesson, the members of the inspection team attend classes (examinations) at least 3 times, and other teachers are free to attend the lectures; lecture recordings (temporary college uniform tutoring templates, please Download from the “Classified Download” section of the College website; please refer to the attachment for the course schedule) and submit to the Lotte Department at any time.
3, course teaching material inspection. The main teaching cases, lecture notes or PPT, auxiliary teaching materials, etc.; lectures (examination) simultaneously or separately. Asking teachers to strictly follow the rules
4, learning activities. The main theme is “research report on the revision of postgraduate training programs”; teachers’ self-learning and the college’s collective preaching are combined; practically clear, knowledgeable, and problem-oriented, and ideas are revised for cultivating programs, standardizing the training process, and improving the quality of training. And understanding of the basics.
5. Supervise and inspect the relevant work of 2018 graduate students' defenses.
6. Accept postgraduate examination or arrangement.
Attachments (posted separately): Listening records; course schedule.

May 17, 2018