Gao Hailong and other three master’s degree thesis defense successfully completed


On the morning of May 28, 2018, Gao Hailong, Zhuang Jingshun and Zhu Luting, master graduate students of our college, answered the dissertation in A320, teaching building No.2. Professor Zhao Jian, a doctoral supervisor of Shandong University, served as chairman of the defense committee. Prof. Fu Yingjuan, Professor Liu Wenxia, Prof. Xu Qinghua, Prof. Liu Na, and Prof. Wang Zhaojiang served as members of the defense committee. Associate Professor Wang Huili served as secretary.
   The defense is divided into four parts: postgraduate explanation, members of the defense committee's questions, postgraduates' defenses, and committee members' comments. The three graduate students stated the papers in sequence using the PPT, and the reply members commented and asked questions about the papers. The students answered the questions at the scene. The defensive members gave a fair review of the problems in the paper. After careful review by the defense committee members, the papers of all the three students reached the relevant requirements. The defense committee members unanimously recommended granting the master's degree and congratulations to the students. The defense process was standardized, rigorous, and fluent. The thesis defense also attracted many lower grade graduate students to attend the study.
   The defense of the dissertation was successfully completed in the applause of everyone and then everyone took a group photo.
   (Writing: Wang Zhaojiang; Auditing: Ding Hongjie; Photo Credit: Wang Zhaojiang)