Our Institute (Key Laboratory) and United States TA Company hold some precision instrument training


From May 21st to May 25th, 2018, our institute (Key Lab) and United States TA Corporation organized a user training covering thermal analysis and rheometer. Some teachers and postgraduates of our institute participated in the training. There are other units and teachers from other schools in our school.
   The training lasted for five days and included rheometer (RHE), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), simultaneous thermal analysis (TGA/SDT), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), etc., involving theoretical basis and application case. Analysis and training on the operation of the machine. The engineers mainly explained the basic principle and operation of the instrument and applied practice, and gave a professional answer to the problems encountered by the teacher in the scientific research process. Through this training, the teachers and students of our hospital (key lab) have a deeper understanding of the functions and applications of thermal analysis, rheometer, and other instruments. They have carefully studied related software and data analysis methods for the future scientific research level. Improve and lay a solid foundation.
   With the improvement of the construction level of disciplines and national key laboratories, the number, type and grade of instruments and equipment in our hospital (key laboratory) have rapidly increased. After the instruments are fully available, the total value of fixed assets will reach the level of 100 million yuan. Scientific management And maintenance use, to ensure the good rate, the use rate, will become the focus of the next step. The college (key laboratory) will further improve the management team and institutional system, improve hardware and software equipment, and give full play to the supporting role of key laboratories for discipline construction and scientific research work.
   (Writing: Meng Xia; Review: Ding Hongjie; Photo Credit: Meng Xia)